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Ebonee creates beautiful and functional residential and commercial interior designs in Washington, D.C. She serves the entire metropolitan area including neighboring areas of Maryland and Virginia.


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Interior-Decorator-BachmanMoonlight Interiors is a Washington DC interior design firm owned by Ebonee Bachman, Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  Ebonee specializes in creating spectacular urban spaces.  Adept at designing both small city condos and large suburban homes & townhomes, Ebonee puts her client’s taste into action.  Her work can be found in residences and commercial spaces across the DC metro area, from North Virginia to Chevy Chase, Maryland.  With her friendly approach and savvy taste, no Washington DC interior design job is too small or big for her.

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November 20, 2014 |

Displaying Children’s Art as Décor in Their Rooms

When it comes to displaying children’s art, there are many different options for you to consider. In the past, you might have expected that your child would just hang their artwork on the fridge and that would be enough.  However, in recent years children are getting more pride and pleasure seeing their artwork hung in their rooms as part of the décor. There are many different ways that you can do this that will make their artwork look like it is true art, and not just something that you tacked on the wall. The best options are gallery-style frames, art frames with clips to change work often, or even matted frames that you purchase...

October 30, 2014 |

Patterns and Politics:
How Who’s In Affects What’s In

It’s hard sometimes, to grasp just how much influence politics has on areas you wouldn’t expect, like home décor, but it does. Jacqueline Kennedy was the first to open the White House to television cameras, to show America the redecorating she’d done to the seriously outdated space. When a first lady renovates or redecorates, it makes news, and many people like to emulate those styles in their own homes. You can even get some clues based only on the party in charge; Democratic presidents have tended to add more historical or history-themed items, but more contemporary art rather than classical paintings. Need inspiration? A virtual tour of the White House may be in...

October 22, 2014 |

Some Things Never Change: Classics

“Classic” – that which has withstood the changes of time without losing beauty or value. That’s why you may want to consider some classic pieces or themes, even amid a world of changing tastes and trends. A Chesterfield sofa, a tasteful animal print, or a lightly distressed campaign chest add a touch of timelessness anywhere they’re found. The key to using these pieces successfully is often simply placement. Careful selection and thoughtful placement make a classic piece fit seamlessly into any décor you prefer. A wrought-iron corner shelf, or a zebra print (not necessarily black and white) can change the whole feel of even a very small...

October 15, 2014 |

How to Make Your Family Shine

The art of hanging pictures is something that not everyone grasps. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find the way that you want to display photographs of loved ones. In the past, collage frames were popular, but in the end these just did not look as good as most people wanted them to look in their home.  Even the more expensive ones tend to look like they did not cost much money. So, what are some different ways that you can display your family? Well you can purchase frames and have the photos matted, which always looks more professional.  Another thing to consider is using unique formations of smaller...

October 8, 2014 |

How to Easily Store Blankets without the Clutter

When it comes to storing blankets, one thing most people hate is how cluttered they look folded in a corner of the room. There are some great options that can help you to always have your blankets on hand, without the risk of looking messy. One thing that you can consider is using a storage chest of some sort. This can include hope chests and even buffets, antique dresses, or cabinets. Another great modern solution is storage benches that allow for additional seating, or storage ottomans where you can rest your feet. Each of these is going to provide you with a great way to reduce the clutter you have and keep things looking...

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